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Proposed investment plan in next five years (2007-2012):-
State Plan fund
a. Development Works, Roads. Renovation of Bridges. Sewers, etc. in Howrah Municipal Area.
  b. Development Works. Roads. Drains, Sewers, elc in Bally Municipal Area.
  c. Renovation of Bauria Community Centre - Uluberia.
  d. Development Works, Road, drains, Sewers, etc. in HIT Scheme Area including Road from Arupara to Satasi Ground.
  e. Housing - (I) Residential (seed money). Commercial & Office Complex (II) Residential (by selling).
  f. Modern Slaughter House.
  g. Small scheme under SCP.
Works under SCP & Minorities within State Plan:
As directed by the Government, HIT started some development works under Special Component plan for Scheduled Caste population in peri urban areas of Howrah, utilizing State Plan fund allocation from 2005-2006.

From the current financial year separate scheme for the minority communities are also being taken up as per guidelines issued by the State Government.
Other important and various types of works in other spheres undertaken by HIT.
Bally Rabindra Bhaban Auditorium;
Thalassaemia Treatment Centre;
Belur Simultala Ghat on Hooghly River;
Football Stadium at Makardah & Sankrail;
2 forty bed modern Dhobighats with piped water supply and proper drainage, each serving 136 Dhobis;
Auction Platform and Administrative building for URMC in Bagnan;
Premix M40 concrete overlay on stretches of Southern Approach of Bankim Setu; Building an Auditorium for District Library;
Desilting of About 2.5 KM of the Branch Canal 3 and adjacent Trunk drains to mittigate connected drainage problems along the route;
Improvement of Railing Footpath of Chandmari Bridge;
Renovation of Road surface of 100 ft. wide road at Kadamtala with electrification; Renovation of Road surface of HIT roads within GI schemes;
Creation of a Children's Park at Ghusuri Construction of additional buildings of many schools with funds of MPLADS & BEUP;
Computerization in schools & colleges with MPLADS fund;
Improvement of Bantra Graveyard under MPLADS fund;
Renovation of Ramgopal Mancha with MPLADS funds etc.